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San Francisco Side Trip

How I managed to spend a day in San Francisco and come home with zero pictures of Painted Ladies is beyond me.

Maybe it was because we were too busy running around Golden Gate Park – drinking jasmine tea in the Japanese Tea Garden, navigating rainforests in the Conservatory of Flowers and paying a visit to King Tut’s treasures at the de Young.

Not to mention taking in awesome city views from Coit Tower.

Fortunately we did steal a few shots of old houses in the North Bay’s historic Petaluma, one of California’s best-preserved – and most filmed – old cities. American Graffiti was shot here, as was Peggy Sue Got Married, Basic Instinct and dozens more movies and commercials. If you want to see some truly magnificent Victorian homes, just check  out a small sampling of what they have here.

Petaluma was the first U.S. city to protect its old-time charm by implementing a residential growth management plan. It also has the world’s first and only chicken pharmacy and is extremely proud of its annual Butter & Egg Day Parade. Pretty agricultural for a city less than half an hour from the Golden Gate Bridge.

Sunny Petaluma also happens to be smack dab in the middle of Sonoma County Wine Country – which would be really cool if I knew anything about wine.

Image from DowntownPetaluma.com

Alas, I mostly drink beer. And there’s no better place to drink craft brews (and ogle old houses) than where I’m headed this weekend – Portland. I’ll try to take a few more pictures this time.

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