Old House Tours

Every neighborhood seems to have one – that large, stately, well-cared for old house that stands out among the rest.

Manicured lawn, wraparound porch, probably passed down from generation to generation, looks like it belongs in a movie – you know the one I’m talking about.

 And when, unbelievably,  it finally goes up for sale, you feel two things.

First, regret that you can’t afford to buy it on the spot. And second, excitement over the possibility that an upcoming open house – or a favor from a good friend who just happens to be a local realtor – might grant you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to tour the inside.

While I cross my fingers and wait for a peek inside my dream home (OK, one of many dream homes) I’ve found a way to satisfy my needs for old house voyeurism.

At My Old House Online, you can look inside strangers’ homes, from sprawling manors to quaint cottages.

Image from Gayle Roberts on My Old House Online

Photo from Barry Taschman at My Old House Online

Image from Michael Rouchell at My Old House Online

 Isn’t this card table the cutest use for a little nook?

Image from Ted Crocker at My Old House Online

For the arts and crafts obsessed such as myself, myArtsandCraftsHome lets you tour homes with an emphasis on wood detailing, white shaker-style cabinets and lots of built-ins.

Image from Stacy L at myArtsandCraftsHome.com

Image from Stacy L at myArtsandCraftsHome.com

Image from Vernon Townsend at myArtsandCraftsHome.com

Thank goodness I’ve got photo forums for distraction. Otherwise I might spend all summer daydreaming about what it must be like to kick back on that pretty porch.




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5 responses to “Old House Tours

  1. Nadia

    ok… I am starting to wonder if you and I were seperated at birth or are somehow related? 🙂 You have the same obsessions I do :)))

  2. Nadia

    PS Great Post!!!!!

  3. Nadia

    Went to this site… it is fabulous!!!

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