Freshly minted

I’ve heard of color schemes inspired by nature. And my favorite paint colors seem to unconsciously mimic foods (my plans for a light golden wheat kitchen somehow turned into banana cream pie – or lemon bar, I’m not sure which). 

 But I love the muse of the homeowner featured in this month’s Better Homes and Gardens – a mint green 1930s shake mixer. 

Image from Better Homes and Gardens

You know how that creamy Jadite color looks so at home on the shelves of a vintage kitchen? It also looks great on the walls, tiles and wainscoting – especially when coupled with cool, crisp white.

Image from Better Homes and Gardens

It makes sense to incorporate the shade of something you know and love into your home’s decor, whether it’s part of your antiques collection, your wardrobe or even your most-used household appliance. 

Come to think of it, my bright yellow walls do kinda match my KitchenAid mixer. 

Anyone else ever matched your color palette to something specific?



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2 responses to “Freshly minted

  1. Nadia

    I love colors from Mexico. So, I have tried to utilize where needed. My walls are a warm gold with a warm glaze for depth. I have terra’s, reds, and a very warm green for accents. My cabinets are a creamy white too. My kitchen aid is Red. so… red Pottery Barn chairs and a red Chantal teapot round out my colors. My kitchen feels so warm and festive no matter what time of the day or even what time of the year it is. Because my cabinets are cream( and so are my subway tiles) all of the color helplps to warm up the imense amount of cream. Is that your Kitty? He/she is so pretty:)

  2. Sounds beautiful! Very warm and inviting. I think color accents are what keep a white/cream kitchen from looking too sterile – and I’m glad to know I’m not the only who factors a KitchenAid into the color scheme. And yes, that’s my kitty, Frederica, trying to look regal 🙂

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