In A New Light

When it comes to decorating, I’ve always been a bit country-phobic. My motto? If it looks like it belongs in a log cabin, then it belongs in a log cabin. If it looks like it belongs on a farm…well, you get the picture. There are no cow or chicken motifs or excessive plaid allowed in my house.

Image from Country Living

But since I’ve started playing around with mixing different styles – vintage and modern, industrial and feminine, for instance – I’m starting to soften my standpoint (though I’m not budging on the cows and chickens).

Take lighting, for example. I’m a longtime fan of traditional schoolhouse lights, like the lovely Schoolhouse Electric lamps that brighten up our house (and this pretty kitchen in the Schoolhouse Electric catalog).

Image from Schoolhouse Electric

And the classic, elegant fixtures at Rejuvenation (modeled by yet another cute kitchen).

Image from Rejuvenation

But lately, dreams of warm weather and the accompanying farmers’ markets, barbecues and picnics have opened my mind to things a bit more rustic and farm-inspired – like Barn Light Electric.

Image from Barn Light Electric

Image from Barn Light Electric

Think of barn lights as the country cousin to the schoolhouse variety. These guys feature exposed bulbs, sleek metal and the occasional bright, country-inspired paint palette – perfect for the patio (where I would likely place them) but also appropriate for a farmhouse kitchen.

Image from Barn Light Electric

Image from Barn Light Electric

That’s not all. Barn Light Electric also has a blog that offers inspiration and advice for developing all kinds of hybrid styles – like “vintage industrial” or “retro country” (note the obligatory chickens).

Image from Barn Light Electric

Not feeling the whole farm thing? That’s OK – they even offer their own take on the classic schoolhouse pendant, among other styles.

Image from Barn Light Electric

A company slogan – “where vintage and modern collide” – says it all.



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2 responses to “In A New Light

  1. Nadia

    We have school house lights in our attic in which I am running my business out of. I chose the polished nickel. The latches on the built ins have the same polished nickel. I love them for their vintage feel. I also have planked cork on the floors ( old shape , new material) I have some vintage lighting in lamp form( what my business sells) and also some modern lamps to stay on the mixing of old and new theme. The mixing, (Ithink) is what keeps the timeless shapes fresh and interesting.

    • iheartoldhouses

      How cool that you have an office in your attic – it sounds charming! And you sell vintage lamps? Right on!
      We thought about going with a checkered cork floor in our kitchen, but couldn’t make up our mind and ending up using wood from Lumber Liquidators…we’re happy with it, but I wonder what cork would have been like .

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