Take a Number

Those who haven’t been bitten by the old house bug don’t understand. Those who have accept it as a way of life. But there’s no denying it – old houses need work. A lot of work.

Photo by RobbinLara/iStockphoto.com

Well, maybe not this much work.

But with all the pricey and/or time-consuming projects planned for our house lately – painting, new siding, tediously scraping popcorn off our bedroom ceiling – I’ve been on the lookout for a quick, affordable project. Something I can do in 10 minutes yet will really make an impact.

Then it came to me – address numbers. What would be easier than replacing our cracking plastic numbers with some shiny new ones?

As it turns out, house numbers might come cheap (though not always, as I recently learned) but they don’t come easy. Why? Because there are so many styles to choose from, I can’t make up my damn mind.

 I figured I’d just go for a classic craftsman design – end of story. Yeah, right.

 Do I want the “authentic Dard Hunter style” in copper, brass, aluminum or black?

The Craftsman Homes Connection

Or would I prefer the hand-hammered copper?

The Craftsman Homes Connection

How about some classic arts and crafts terra cotta tiles?

The House Number Connection

Then again, I love the font on these mission numbers by Rejuvenation.


Or what if I went wild, veered away from the bungalow theme  and opted for art deco instead?

The House Number Connection

Or ornate Mediterranean tiles?


Or the simple but cheery rose design from DuQuella Tile & Clayworks?

DuQuella Tile & Clayworks

Hey, they even have a bungalow style.

DuQuella Tile & Clayworks

If you really want to make your head spin, scroll through the “address plaques” list on HomeExpo.com, where I found some of these guys. Here’s hoping you’re less indecisive than me.



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5 responses to “Take a Number

  1. Nadia

    I really love them all too…. but I am partial to the hammered copper or the DuQuella. I love the Art Nouveau one… I think the second one”39″ may be more gender neutral/ Hard choice because they are so great. Let us know which you choose!!!!

    • iheartoldhouses

      After probably way too much deliberation, I think I’m going with the hammered copper. I love hammered metal, and the cool tarnish copper develops over time – it’s like it’s always evolving.

  2. I love that house in this post and would love for someone to save it. I can see it finished now. 🙂

    I would have picked the hammered copper too. How did it turn out?

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