Laundry Room Envy

Our spring cleaning mantra this year is the famed William Morris quotation, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

And we’re getting there – slowly. But the ultimate goal, especially because we live in such a small house, is to make even the useful things beautiful. Case in point: our laundry room.

All homeowners have a dream kitchen – but what about the dream laundry room? I found mine in an issue of This Old House a couple years back. Between the checkered marble tiles, beadboard and Shaker cabinets, it doesn’t really look like a laundry room – exactly what I like about it.

This Old House

Unfortunately, this is my reality. A room that serves many purposes – laundry, sewing, greenhouse, workshop – but is the size of a large clothes closet. It’s also where we stash our clutter and shut the door before we invite people over.

While I’m fantasizing about laundry rooms, how about new appliances? We’d like to add a shelf over ours to maximize space and get a built-in look (see above), but we’d first need to upgrade to a front loading dryer. I like this brightly lacquered one from LG.

LG Dryer

It fits my requirements – it’s both useful and beautiful. OK, maybe not beautiful, but fun. I mean, Wild Cherry Red sounds like the color of a sports car, not a dryer.

For a retro style washer and dryer, check out this cotton candy gem from the British company Smeg.

Smeg Washing Machine

There’s a normal-looking (albeit pink) front loader hiding inside the door. They also come in pastel blue, cream and black, though I have no idea if they’re available in the U.S. – and I’m not sure I want to know what shipping would cost if they are.

But while I’m working up the money for a new appliance or two, I can at least paint the walls and hang some shelving. I think an improved atmosphere will inspire me to do more laundry. Alright, probably not. But at least it will look pretty.



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2 responses to “Laundry Room Envy

  1. Nadia

    First of all, you have a great space! I have always wanted a laundry room with a window. Check out the cafe shelving at Ballard Designs.( I used these in my laundry room that is the size of a phone booth)I did not have the depth in my room that you have, so open shelving was for me. I used 3 shelves total. I then purchased really cheery striped baskets( 9 total) to place on the shelves to hide everything from pet supplies to drier sheets. I too have the LG’s.I wish I had the cherry color. They work pretty well and look nice with the shelving and baskets. The cherry color is so cheerful.. it would make me want to do laundry ;)))

    • iheartoldhouses

      Ooh, I like the café shelves…there’s even a photo on the website of them in use above a washer. Your little laundry room sounds so cute! I guess the grass is always greener…I do appreciate the elbow room and view in mine, it just needs to be beautified – and organized. Keeping the detergents on top of the washer and dryer just isn’t cutting it anymore – especially considering how many bottles have gone crashing to the floor after particularly violent wash cycles.

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