House paparazzi

I’ve developed a rather strange hobby – I like to take photos of stranger’s houses. I’m like the old house paparazzi (or is it paparazzo?).


Actually, this particular house is a business. But judging by the strange look on the face of the lady inside, I might as well have been photographing her place of residence. Sorry, lady.

No, I’m not crazy. I’m in need of inspiration. I love the idea of decorating, but I’m not very good at it. I get overwhelmed in the paint chip aisle. So when I see a pretty color combination that works on a real house, I have to add it to my portfolio. I plagiarize paint colors.

I’ve had my eye on this particular house since it was renovated not too long back. When it went up for rent (why are all the cute houses in my neighborhood commercial?) I so badly wanted to set up shop there – even though I don’t really have a business per se.


It’s a little more neutral in color than I usually go for, but I really like the clean, subtle look of the creamy beige and maroon – and I don’t know if you can tell in the photo, but there’s a strip of copper that divides the shingled part from the lap siding – kind of adds a nice little pop. Speaking of siding, this is the look I’m envisioning for our fiber-cement siding if we choose to go that route. This stuff looks like real wood, but I was afraid to get close enough to tell.

I love the little white mailbox as well. I could do without the metal railings, but I’m guessing they’re ADA accessible.

I’m also digging this sage green, dark red and cream combo – so many colors, so hard to decide. By the way, this one is a real residence, and yes, I did feel creepy snapping away outside.



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5 responses to “House paparazzi

  1. Nadia

    I have done the same thing. I was trying to decide what size columns to use on my Portico. I was outside snapping a shot of a house( even was so brazen to have a tape measure in my hand) when this older gentleman came bursting out of his front door asking what I was doing. I told him the truth about my column quandary, but I don’t think he bought the story. Safe to say I high tailed it out of there. Later, after my Portico project was complete, some perfect strangers were in front of my home snapping photos. Ironically I had the same feeling inside that the older gentleman had… like I was being violated. Khrarma… Go figure…

    • iheartoldhouses

      Ha, so I’m not the only one – good to know. You bring up a great point, though. I’m sure I would feel uneasy if the roles were reversed and someone was photographing/measuring my house. But if I knew what they were doing, I’d also be flattered. Sounds like your portico must have been a success 🙂

  2. Nadia

    Yes… old houses are my passion. My husband insists it is a syndrome. I respond by telling him I just love old houses… as much as I love him 😉

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