My first salvage yard

I’ve always read that architectural salvage yards are great places to find period materials for old houses. But to my dismay, they all seemed to be located on the East Coast.

 I guess I wasn’t looking hard enough. Last weekend, I happened upon my very first salvage yard in Berkeley – Ohmega Salvage.


Need an army of claw foot bathtubs? Apparently this is the place to find it.


Or how about a 1930s-era sink in blue, mint or peach?

Or matching toilets?


You know, what this salvage yard really needs is a vintage urinal. Oh, look, they’ve got one!  


Doors, windows, address tiles – you name it, they’ve got it.

And just down the street is Omega Too, which originally began as an annex to the salvage, according to the store’s blog. Today, new owners sell restored and reproduction lights, tubs, sinks, doors and ironworks like curtain rods and address letters.   

We didn’t buy anything at the salvage that day, but when we’re ready to replace our white aluminum back door with something older – or if we get a hankering for a bathroom the color of a Cadbury mini-egg – we know where to look.


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