Subway Style

I love the subway tiles we added to our kitchen during a recent remodel, but I sometimes wonder: Are they timeless or trendy?

Better Homes and Gardens

 The glossy white tiles do fit the era of my home, along with the (also new) white shaker style cabinets and nickel-plated latches. On the other hand, flip open almost any home decorating magazine today and it looks like everybody and their brother is rocking pretty much the same kitchen.

 Will my subway backsplash withstand the test of time, or will it someday – along with the stainless range and black granite countertop – identify my kitchen not as a 1930s-inspired preservation but as an obvious 2008-ish makeover?

 Maybe more importantly, should I really care? I’m the one looking at them, and I like what I see. Besides, I think they’re neutral enough to not be an issue, even if we decide to sell down the road (our bright banana walls are another story).

I think even trend-driven styles are OK if you adore them. I was surprised at how much I admired an aqua-hued sea glass backsplash I saw in the January issue of Sunset – or maybe I was just taken in by the sky-blue retro fridge and range.


 What do you think – is it cool to mix modern and vintage? Or do you prefer something you know you won’t want to rip out in 10 years?



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3 responses to “Subway Style

  1. Nadia

    We have Subway tiles in our kitchen, too. I think they are classic. I would choose them again and again. I love the look of vintage and modern mixed together. It makes it most appealing to all ages.

  2. iheartoldhouses

    You’re a girl after my own heart – I love mixing vintage with modern. Style is such a personal thing. I’m inspired by vintage, but wouldn’t want to limit myself to it, you know?

  3. Nadia

    I am still not sold on stainless. We have a mix of Viking and DCS. I am so exhausted from the maintenance over the years. My next stove will be a red Cluny ( from La canche). If you have not seen them, I highly recommend you check them out. they are made and France and have a great vintage feel.

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